Tuesday, October 4, 2022

NCCA at FLANC this Saturday (10/8)


Certificates of Attendance (COAs)

These may be obtained by attendees through the online program, following each day’s list of session descriptions.


NCCA-Sponsored Sessions

All NCCA sessions are on Saturday, October 8.

All sessions are in meeting room “Empire C” (see map in conference program).

For logistical reasons, our BUSINESS MEETING is the first session, titled “NCCA and You!” (see below).


  • Morning NCCA Business Meeting and Session
    • 9:30-10:20am: NCCA Business Meeting (aka “NCCA and You!”) Keyne Cheshire (Davidson College) see tentative agenda below
    • 10:30-11:20am: Active Learning in the Classroom (K-8) Heidi Dean (Veritas Christian Academy)
  • Lunch and Keynote
    • 11:45am-1:20pm: Plated lunch provided + Keynote by Dr. L.J. Randolph Jr., “Beyond Representation: Building and Sustaining Inclusive Language Classrooms” (Imperial Convention Center, only a few paces from our room, Empire C) 
  • Afternoon Sessions
    • 1:30-2:20pm: “Status Quo of Latin Vocabulary Learning,” Andrea Stehle (St. Timothy's Episcopal School )
    • 2:30-3:20pm: “Learning from L1 Literacy Leaders,” Caroline Kelly (Mitchell Community College)
    • 4:00-4:50pm: “The Payoff of Parsing: Principles and Practices for Classics Classrooms,” Dr. Nathan Sundt (Veritas Christian Academy)


9:30am Saturday Business Meeting Agenda (tentative)

If you have suggestions for the agenda, please do let me know!

  • Digital Membership Process – how is that working for you?
  • Secretary-Treasurer’s Report – Caroline Kelly
    • Membership numbers (in good standing vs not renewed)
    • Finances (income/expenses/current balance)
  • Nomination(s) for Secretary-Treasurer?
  • Nomination(s) for Vice President?
    • Must be a college/university rep
    • Begins a 2-yr term starting February 2023
    • Becomes president in spring 2025
  • List of NC Schools, Colleges, and Universities offering Latin.
    • How should this list be publicized?
    • How much information should be provided?
  • Continuing our relationship with FLANC
  • Other ideas/initiatives for NCCA?



FINAL NOTE: THERE ARE NO NCCA SESSIONS OR EVENTS ON SUNDAY. The FLANC program currently lists NCCA under exhibits and lunch break for Sunday, but this is an error.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Support from CAMWS' CPLG!

Info on great support from our state (NC) CAMWS Vice President Lisa Ellison!

The purpose of CAMWS' Committee for the Promotion of Latin & Greek (CPLG) is to encourage and support all activities that promote the study of Classics, and of Latin and Greek in particular, in and outside of schools. Its principal role is to increase awareness, at each educational level, of our Classics community by offering (1) funding opportunities for promotional activities in the schools, (2) help for Latin/Greek/Classics programs in crisis, and (3) an ongoing conversation about how the study of Latin can be promoted best in the field of education.


It is mission item 1, the funding opportunities, that I especially want to draw your attention to.  


Through the Caristia Grant, you can receive up to $50 to help defray costs of such events as a field trip to a museum, a birthday party for Rome, a poetry reading, a family fun day, inviting someone to speak to your class, traveling to a state convention, purchasing a buzzer system for certamen events, an ice cream social, performing a ritual, or a simple Caristia banquet. 


For larger events that promote Classics, whether inside or outside school, apply for the Bridge Initiative Grant (BIG) for up to $500. Toga parties, plays, videos, reading groups, rallies, and Classics Days are just some examples of events you might consider. Be creative! 


Then there are the Keely Lake Travel Grants for School Groups, designed for 7-12 grade teachers who want to take their students on a trip to an excavation, exhibit or historic sites – domestic or international – that both enhances their learning experience and furthers their interest in Classical Studies. You can request up to $2000. 


Finally, you can peruse the list of awards that includes translation exams, travel grants and teaching awards for middle and high school teachers, teacher training and new teacher grants on our awards & scholarships page. 


Please reach out to me at ellisonl15@ecu.edu if you have any questions about these opportunities. They do require CAMWS membership, which is reduced for first-year members to $30. You can find out more about the myriad benefits of membership here: https://camws.org/node/713. Ready to join? Here’s the form: https://camws.org/membershiprenewal


Thank you for your efforts to keep Classics growing in schools across the state!




Lisa Ellison

Teaching Instructor of Classics

East Carolina University




Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Newish K-12 Teacher?

Beginning K-12 teachers enjoy reduced FLANC conference rates ($65 off). PLUS, k-12 teachers in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year may also apply for a scholarship that covers FLANC membership, conference registration, and a free $35 workshop at the conference (Oct 8-9). See "Beginning Teacher Fall Conference Scholarship (K-12)" at this link. Deadline September 23. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

NCCA Meeting at FLANC 2022 

Come join us for a day of Classics and Latin-related presentations at FLANC this October, plus our semiannual business meeting!

When: Saturday, October 8
Where: Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham, NC
Reimbursement: This year NCCA is reimbursing $100 of the FLANC registration cost to k12 teachers who are NCCA members in good standing and whose institutions do not offer reimbursement for the FLANC conference. Please contact Secretary-Treasurer Caroline Kelly at quaestor.ncca@gmail.com to request reimbursement.

FLANC's Draft Schedule for NCCA

Saturday, October 8

9:30-10:20: Using Digital Tools to Teach About Antiquity (Ashley Cobb, Caldwell Academy)

10:30-11:20: Active Learning in the Latin Classroom (K-8) (Heidi Dean, Veritas Christian Academy)

11:45-1:20: FLANC Plated Lunch and Keynote (free with registration)

1:30-2:20: Status Quo of Latin Vocabulary Learning (Andrea Stehle, St. Timothy's Episcopal School)

2:30-3:20: Learning from L1 Literacy Leaders (Caroline Kelly, Mitchell Community College)

3:30-3:50: NCCA Business Meeting

4:00-5:00: The Payoff of Parsing: Principles and Practices for Classics Classrooms (Dr. Nathan Sundt, Veritas Christian Academy)

Please Note: The above is a draft schedule. This information will be updated as needed once FLANC makes the final program available. Note also that FLANC is hosting many other presentations and providing boxed lunches to attendees on Sunday, October 9, as well.

Membership Renewal 2022/23!

It's time to renew your NCCA membership for academic year 2022/23. Only $25. Renew or join online here! It's easy!

Sunday, February 13, 2022

NCCA at FLANC - Presentation Proposals?

Why not present on Latin/pedagogy at the NCCA meeting at FLANC this fall?

FLANC is planning a return to an in-person fall conference at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham from Friday, October 8 and Saturday, October 9, 2022.

NCCA has room for a day of 4-5 presentations of 50 minutes (including Q&A), with a box-lunch meeting tucked in the middle. The day is always rich, and it’s great fun to connect, and reconnect!

If you are interested in presenting on anything Latin and/or Latin pedagogy, please email me this week, by Friday (Feb 18) at latest (kecheshire@davidson.edu), so we can begin working together to get your presentation details and our NCCA schedule submitted to FLANC by March 1.

Looking forward to it!

Ascanius Workshop

The Ascanius workshop (March 26th in Winston-Salem) is for non-Latin teachers who want to learn about teaching Latin and bring some Latin into their classrooms. Please spread the word to any non-Latin language teachers you know, and especially in the lower grades!