Friday, March 18, 2016

NCCA Spring Meeting April 23, 2016

North Carolina Classical Association

Wake Forest University
Benson 409
Saturday April 23, 2016
10AM - 3PM

· Registration form (deadline April 20)
· Online lunch reservation form
· Summer Scholarship Application Form (deadline April 15)
· Parking at Wake Forest University
9:30: Registration
10:00: Serena Witzke, Wake Forest University.
     "What is a Roman Wife? A Methodological Reexamination"
10:45: John Oksanish, Wake Forest University.
     "Based on a True Story: History in loco"
11:30: Business Meeting & Lunch
1:00: Andrew Clay, St. David’s School, Raleigh.
     "Philology as a Way of Life: Classics and the Language Event"


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